Time's Arrow Photography

The Photography of Ben Faresich

I've always been fascinated with the way the camera could capture a single moment and freeze it in time. My passion for traveling and exploring, both locally and afar, combined with my fascination with history and culture, presents me with some very colorful views of the human condition, and the natural world. Whether it's a majestic view of an Icelandic mountain range, a Brahmin priest praying on the banks of the Ganges, or a dancer reveling in the New York City night life, the lens affords us all a glimpse into the world around us, shared universally, but not often appreciated. I enjoy using the camera as a tool to share some of these moments with the hope that others can appreciate them, and take a moment of their own to stop and see.

Some of my biggest influences are Art Wolfe, Bryan Peterson, Peter Lik, Alfred Stieglitz, and so many of the talented photographers and artists that I've met through the years.

My work has been featured regularly in Sanctuary Magazine as a staff photographer, and it has been featured in Carpe Nocturne magazine, and Examiner.com.  My night club photography is a part of the web design for QXT's, a night club in Newark, NJ, where I am also the house event photographer. 

My photo, "Incan Mystery" was featured as the cover image for the Program Guide for the 24th Annual Grace Van Vorst Cathedral Arts Festival in December, 2013.  

Exhibitions include the Parallax Art Fair (New York & Miami), The Digable Arts Festival, The Hoboken Artists Studio Tour, The Grace Van Vorst Cathedral Arts Festival, The Bayonne Community Museum,  and The Meadowlands Environmental Center.  I also curate the QXT's Art Series, which is a monthly art  exhibition held at QXT's in Newark, NJ.  Click on the YouTube link below for videos and information about these events.  Videos courtesy of Ryan Polukord (Blank Productions).